Elite Training is committed to getting the best from our athletes! We combine superior training methods and coaches with a program that works for everyone from grandmothers to professional athletes. We are NOT your average health club or globo-gym that offers tons of various classes, lots of shiny new cardio machines, but no TRUE training. Our trainers don’t stand in front of a crowded class dancing or kickboxing while you try your best to follow along. They also do not count reps for you.  

At Elite you are trained by a professional coach who knows how to teach movement--better movement, safe movement. We take pride in seeing you get results and work hard to get you there. We use broadly varied, functional movements performed at a high intensity that is scalable for all levels of fitness. You will first learn mechanics, movements, function and form; from there we will up the intensity & weight- you will see results…no matter what level you come in at. It is not easy and doesn’t claim to be. It is hard work and it requires commitment, determination and consistency. The overall program optimizes physical competence in each one of the ten recognized fitness domains- Cardiovascular/Respiratory Endurance, Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance and Accuracy.

Is it for you? Yes! Anybody Can Become Fit.
Are you an athlete, firefighter, military personnel, police officer, teacher, office worker, parent, high school student, kid, senior or retiree? Are you busy, already in shape, out of shape, super fit, bored with the same routine, can’t get enough exercise on your own, eager to lose weight, inches, gain strength and endurance, or do you just want to lift the grocery bag or your kids with ease? Then yes, ELITE is the program for you!

Are you sure? I am really out of shape, old, haven’t been to the gym in ages, __________ (insert your concern).
Yes! Each session offers plenty of personal attention by our CrossFit L-1 trainers and we can modify any exercise to meet your current level. We have beginning athletes and local competitors in the same class. Nobody will be left behind or unchallenged. You are in good hands!

How are we different than your typical gym/fitness class?

Broadly varied-
There is a different workout to perform EVERY DAY that uses a variety of movements/equipment--kettlebells, barbells, rings, pull up bars, rowers, plyo boxes, medicine balls, ropes, and more. This is referred to as the Workout of the Day or W.O.D. Routine is the enemy - variety works!

Functional movements- Functional movements are the safest and most effective exercises when performed correctly. We concentrate on compound (vs. isolation),  full-body movements that are athletic in nature. These may include multiple variations of Gymnastic Exercises, Bodyweight movements, Plyometrics, Olympic Weightlifting, and Metabolic (Cardiovascular) Conditioning.

High intensity-
Simply put, most of the exercises/movements require a consistent, coordinated, powerful execution of force. Intensity = POWER! Elite is intense, but the level of intensity is different for everyone. 

Universally scalable- ELITE can be fine tuned to accommodate a wide variety of participants from novice to advanced across all age groups. Note: Don’t be intimidated by the videos or pictures you see - get excited, get motivated!! You’ll be surprised at what you will be able to do in a few short months.

How will this help me?
We strongly feel that sickness, wellness and fitness exist on one continuum. We believe our program creates a substantially large buffer between sickness and fitness. We are a community of like minded individuals that appreciate the meaning of sacrifice to meet our goals. Whether they be to complete a 5K, sprint triathlon, or ironman, to be able to play soccer with your kids, to be the strongest you can be, to be able to dance with your daughter or son at their wedding or to be able to pick up your grandchildren when you are older, ELITE will help get you there. (And you will look damn good when you get there!) We all have goals, we help each other in achieving those goals and we celebrate as a community. We are ELITE training. We hope you join us!